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Private Reading Specialist

March 2001

I work with both you and your child’s teacher to tailor an individualized curriculum centered around you childs needs. I am trained and certified in several reading intervention programs including Wilson. I will set up both long term and short term goals for you child using personalized tutoring plan. I will create a plan materials for parents to help reinforce these skills at home. I will maintain  periodic contact with your childs teacher to make sure we are working together to ensure their success. Most importantly, I will build a love of reading for you child.

One of the biggest hurdles for struggling children is that they can lose their self esteem and begin to hate school. I will foster a relationship with you child and create a love of learning and books. Not only will I work on tailoring a specific curriculum to teach your child, but I will enhance that by giving parents fun activities to do with their children. These include enriching read alouds along with guided questions to ask your child to increase comprehension, helping build an appropriate home library for your child, recommending and creating literacy games for you child.

Girls at Recess
Private Reading Specialist: Projects
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